Course of 3 Shrinking violet wraps with a complimentary facial for £150
or single treatment £60 each.

Our Beauty Therapist Gemma Louise

Gemma studied at Somerset College of Art and Technology (SCAT) where she gained a National Diploma in 3D Design and media make up. Here, she learnt the foundations to make up application inspiring her to understand more and further her ability in this sector.

She then furthered her career at Strode College, gaining an NVQ (City & Guilds) level 2 and 3 in Beauty therapy. She worked as a Beautician within salon and spa settings where she gained significant experience in treating large volumes of clients. Gemma then chose to pursue a career as a mobile beauty therapist where she engaged with the general public providing a professional service.

Gemma then broadened her ability in manual therapy, gaining an ITEC level 4 qualification as a Sports Massage/ deep tissue Therapist. She then practised this technique as a mobile therapist at the same time helping to further her experience by doing in house training at Drove House Fitness & Rehabilitation Clinic. She gained significant clinical experience into hands on treatment for various occupational/ sports related injuries. She then advanced her skills as a therapist through Osteon Manual Therapy (OMT) in London, gaining a CPD qualification to practice Medical Acupuncture. Gemma combines these skills to effectively relieve pain and facilitate joint range of movement in a variety of populations.

Gemma now works at Lotus Chi Studio, providing a variety of complimentary and clinical therapies. She upholds a professional and friendly approach, placing the client’s needs as her main priority.

Treatments available:

  • Waxing
  • Make-Up
  • Inch Loss Body Wraps
  • Luxury & Mini Facials
  • Gel Nails
  • Body massage
  • Eye treatments
  • Male Treatments

Contact Gemma Louise

Tel: 01278 457 437
Mob: 07849 090 158

Beauty Treatments

Body massage :

Increases blood flow and the lymphatic system, removing toxins from the body and aids relaxation.

Full body- £60

(approximately 45/60 mins)

Back, Neck and Shoulder- £25

(approximately 30 mins)

20 min massages (Mini treatments) from £10

Body Inch Loss Wraps:

Approx 2 hour treatment for proven inch and weight loss – £50 single treatment.

Body wrap including a facial – £80

Course of 3 £150 inc. complimentary facial


Facials reduce fine lines, age spots and relieve dehydrated skin. With these benefits facials makes us feel better about our skin. With the use of exfoliation, massage and the penetration of nutrients and antioxidants as well as fighting to reverse the aging process.

Specialist products used to suit your unique skin type.

Mini Facial

Cleanse, Facial Exfoliation, Tone and Moisturise.

Approx. 30 Min – £25

Luxury Facial

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Tone and Moisturise.

(Includes a complimentary hand and arm massage.)

Approx 1hr – £40


Full leg – £22
Half leg – £12
Bikini – From …£10
Full leg and Bikini – £28
Lip and Chin – £10
Lip,Chin and Eyebrow- £26
Eyebrow – £8
Jaw and Cheeks -from £10
Forearms – £12
Underarm – £8

Gel Nails:

Gel Polish – £15
French – £18
Infill’s – £15
Soak off – £15

Male Treatments:

Eyebrow shape – £8
Chest Wax… from – £15
Back Wax… from – £15

Make up Application:

Make up trial – from £35
Face Painting/special occasion/Fancy dress – from £25
Part Lash/Flared Eyelash Extensions – £35

(A patch test must be done 24 hours prior to treatment)

Eye treatments :

Eyebrow tint- £6
(approximately 15 mins)

Eyelash tint – £8
(approximately 30 mins)

Brow and lash tint – £14
Brow shape and tint – £12


Shrinking violet

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap works by Lipolysis. It is a revolutionary method to remove unwanted fat. The fat is removed from the areas you want without effort or discomfort. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build. Unwanted fat in difficult areas such as the stomach, bottom, thighs, hips and upper arms are a big problem. Lipolysis offer pain free slimming and breaks down inside the actual fat cells where triglycerides are changed to free fatty acid so that they can be excreted in tissue fluid and further transported to the lymph vessels. What this means in easier language is that basically your fat will become “liquid” and can get absorbed this way in your lymphatic system so your body can dispose of it.

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is a painless, effortless process that can successfully remove fat in problem areas, such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The fat in the cells are broken down and easily excreted by the body.
Whilst in your underwear your body will be measured carefully and to kick start your metabolism you will receive a body brush after which the Shrinking Violet Wrap solution will be applied. Next you will be wrapped with a film to generate heat and lay on the couch approximately 60 min.
You can have a complimentary facial whilst having your treatment.
Approximately 90 mins
Shrinking Violet Wrap is a technique that is so powerful that a 60 min. session can shrink waistlines by up to 2 inches. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build. Immediate results can be seen. After 24 hrs. you will see the maximum effect.
You are wrapped up, squeezed and some people find it itches or tingles a bit.
Slight increase in urination for 1 to 2 days after treatment.
Shrinking Violet is an excellent jump start to a new and slimmer you. For the fat to come back, new cells have to form, that would happen if a person continued to eat excess calories. Combine Shrinking Violet with exercise and healthy eating for the best results.
Problem areas can be treated every seven days.
It depends. Most clients require maintenance treatments once or twice a year after the initial course of 6 treatments.
Avoid anything wet for the next 12/24 hrs. , so no showers, swimming etc. as this allows the solution to fully do its good work as it continues working for 72hrs. It is advised to drink plenty of water to help your body get rid of the toxins. And it would help also greatly if you wouldn’t drink tea, coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks as they would dehydrate your body, plus this way your kidneys and liver have more time to work hard to get everything filtered and out of your body.
Soya bean intolerance
Pregnant women
Nursing mothers
Varicose veins
Ulcers, open sores or open wounds incl. cuts and grazes
Eczema or Psoriasis
Recent surgery